Star Wars Minute 53: Poop Gloves

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August 14th, 2013.


The introduction of the Millennium Falcon.


Mike Dawson



  • Starts with the revelation that is the Millennium Falcon.
  • Ends with the Falcon coming under attack from the Stormtroopers.


  • Cold-open: Callers to 8-DAY-GREEDO pronouncing Millennium Falcon, including a caller that thought the ship was named The Aluminium Falcon (which made sense as it is shiny).
  • The deleted (and later restored) scene involving Jabba the Hutt in front of the Falcon and how it would have spoiled the reveal of the ship.
  • Is the Falcon a "piece of junk"? Pete doesn't think so.
  • Luke's "piece of junk" comment places the Falcon in the Star Wars Universe.
  • What is Luke's problem (in general)?
  • The interior of the Falcon, with the dice hanging from the rear view mirror.
  • Is Han Solo a gamer? He did win the Falcon in a card game - just never tell him the odds.
  • Han Solo is always doing something cool; killing aliens, snubbing droids, fixing things, wearing driving gloves etc.
  • Mike thinks that Han's gloves might be good to wear when mowing the lawn.
  • The tubes going into the Millennium Falcon. For refuelling (without paying when they take off)? Or for water and draining the toilet? If the latter, when they take off without disconnecting the tubes the Stormtroopers must have been sprayed with poop.
  • Maybe Han's gloves are his poop gloves.
  • The lead Stormtrooper tells the troops to "load your weapons". The loading of weapons is not addressed anywhere else in Star Wars.
  • The Imperial spy Garindan has a very strange voice / language but the Stormtroopers appear to understand him.
  • Mike has a theory that the lead Stormtrooper is not very competent as he is a language expert not a field commander.
  • Tatooine Stormtroopers probably don't see a lot of action.
  • Lots of humanoids in the docking bay; maybe it's like the yacht club or something (i.e. all snooty). There also appears to be a business-lady in the background (another female character in Star Wars).
  • R2-D2 doing his waddling walk in this scene again. Mike thinks he's being manipulated like a muppet.

Meta Minute

  • 13:50 podcast episode length
  • It is later revealed that Ben Burtt used a recording of John Wayne to create the voice of Garindan[1].


  • Pete: I go up to the Space Shuttle and say "what a piece of junk".
  • Pete: That's really wizard!
  • Alex: And then if people make fun of your lawnmower you can say "Well, it will make .5 past..."
  • Alex: Hey poop gloves, how's it going?
  • Mike: I'm up for it.


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