Star Wars Minute 56: Warning! Death Star In Area!

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In a way...


August 19th, 2013


In a way, Princess Leia determines the choice of the planet that’ll be destroyed first


Ryan Haupt



  • Peter Cushing spends this minute waxing poetic.


  • Why doesn't Leia recognize Alderaan from space? Maybe she doesn't get back there too often.
    • Maybe because we only have the one planet it's easy for us to recognize the Earth from space, and if we were more spacefaring maybe it would be different.
  • Tarkin's title: Grand Moff vs. Governor
    • Grand Moff is never used in the Original Trilogy.
  • <Probably Danish> Magazine that explained that Sith were an aquatic race that needed apparatus to breathe on land.
    • Is this where Jar Jar came from?!
  • Pronunciation of "Leia" as "Lee-uh"
  • Lucas dialogue sounds ridiculous when spoken aloud.
  • Referenced: The Roxbury Guys
  • None of the top-notch British actors get to play off each other
  • Could the people on Alderaan see the Death Star enter the system?
    • If so, how did they react?
    • Do they get alerts on their smart phones the way we get warnings about hazardous weather?

Meta Minute

Size of the Death Star

  • According to Wookieepedia, the Death Star is 120 kilometers (about 75 miles) across 2, which is about 29 times smaller than our moon 3. That means that to appear even as large as the head of a pin (about 1.5 millimeters) it would need to be more than 5 times closer to Alderaan than our moon is to us 4. At a distance of 400,000 km (250,000 mi), which is the roughly the distance from the Earth to the Moon, it would be at the absolute limit of human Angular Resolution (the smallest possible object discernible with the unaided eye). So, no, the Alderaanians would have no idea what was coming 5.
Infographic showing scale and distance in space. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image (this will make the Death Star life size as seen from 70,000 km away).


  • Pete: "All the Darths."
  • Ryan: "Maybe Aquaman is a Sith."
  • Pete: "We have no weapons—except for that giant mirror."


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