Star Wars Minute 67: Pol Treidum

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Trick or Treidum!


September 3rd, 2013


As the officer approaches the door, it slides open revealing the towering Chewbacca


Leslie Gornstein



  • Pol Treidum's big line
  • First use of the "door close" visual effect.
  • The "Pol Treidum memorial control room" is probably the most colorful room on the Death Star.
  • First time we see Artoo interfacing with a computer.
  • The dings and filth of these second-hand droids is evident in this scene.


  • Lt. Treidum's fabulous fashion sense.
    • Mentioned: Fashion designer Marc Jacobs
  • Pol Treidum as the harried middle manager.
  • What's with the barrels?
  • Is Pol dead (bloodless killing)?
  • Even Han Solo is in over his head at this point.
  • Alex expresses the cliche opinion that one of the things that makes Star Wars great is the "lived in" quality to the production design.
    • As opposed to Star Trek
  • Quick discussion of restraining bolts
  • Schematic with a sweep hand (like a radar screen or a clock). What is that?
    • Is it the (still alive) scanning crew?
  • R2 seems to have copied down the Death Star plans, so everybody on Leia's ship who died to help her steal the plans died in vain.

Meta Minute

  • 12:06 podcast episode length
  • This is the second minute in a row where the hosts and guest repeatedly discuss Pol Treidum, thereby cementing his place as the first real SWM Character.
  • Pete expressed a fear that Episode VII (which was far in the future at the time this episode dropped) would abandon the dirty lived-in aesthetic. This fear ended up not coming to fruition.
  • C-3PO no longer has his restraining bolt on by this point.


  • Leslie: "No, I was thinking he was the Martha Stewart of evil but I'll go with your analogy."
  • Leslie: "Who's seen a Death Star before? NOBODY."
  • Pete: "First, C-3PO says 'We've found the computer outlet." and I imagine R2 would be like "Oh WE'VE found the computer outlet. How 'bout that huh? This one that's right here in front of me two feet off the ground that you can't even see probably?'"
  • Pete: "Planetary facepalm."


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