Star Wars Minute 69: The One in the Message

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September 5th, 2013.


R2-D2 says “I found her”, and keeps repeating “She’s here.”


Leslie Gornstein



  • Starts with Han and Luke squabbling and ends with Luke hoping that Han will help him rescue the Princess.
  • C-3PO acknowledges the existence of Princess Leia for the first time in this minute.
  • Harrison Ford stutters over a line in this minute.


  • Once R2-D2 finds the tractor beam schematics is he just going through everything on the Death Star's hard drive to see what he can find? Or did he suspect that the Princess was there and was looking for her?
  • The contents of the Death Star's hard-drive.
  • Other rebel prisoners on the Death Star and why they didn't rescue them as well.
  • R2-D2 is excited because rescuing the Princess means that he can complete his mission. This is his single-minded focus to the exclusion of all other information regarding the Death Star.
  • C-3PO acknowledging Princess Leia and starting to put the story together as a result.
  • Han Solo lounging in Stormtrooper armor, which looks very uncomfortable except for the shoes. The shoes look very comfortable and real.
  • Request to call 8-DAY-GREEDO to tell the hosts what type of shoes Stormtroopers wear and how they are made.
  • Stormtrooper outfits and how the armor interacts with the underlying body-stocking. The outfits can be put on very quickly.
  • The use of the OIL backpack on Stormtrooper armor. Life support, a battery pack?
  • Providing tech support to Stormtroopers given the design of the armor.
  • Referenced: iPhones.
  • The termination process and schedule on the Death Star. The must be an "execution droid".
  • Referenced: Flash Gordon movie.
  • C-3PO's translation leads to Luke getting excited and sounding crazy. What must Han be thinking?
  • Is Leia still a Princess at this point given that a) the King / Queen of Alderaan blew up and b) Alderaan was destroyed? She is either Queen Leia or a regular person.
  • Queens being elected on Naboo in the Prequels ("Sorry Pete"). The very strange appointment system on Naboo in general.
  • Princess Leia sounding like a crazy person when she tells her story in the future given that BOTH Alderaan and the Death Star blew up.

Meta Minute

  • 14:03 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: "Starting off 69".
  • The hosts discuss Harrison Ford's charisma levels in various roles.
  • Referenced: Indiana Jones, the other Star Wars movies, Regarding Henry, Mosquito Coast, Sabrina.


  • Leslie: During the cold-open "Ladies, please".
  • Pete: Because he (R2-D2) is still trying to complete his mission; he thought it was completely, you know, like "Alright, you know, ERROR! Alderaan's been destroyed, I can't finish this mission".
  • Pete: He (R2-D2) couldn't have just turned the Death Star off?
  • Pete: Easy on the mouth.
  • Alex: (Re: Han) Well, he's Han Solo, he's the coolest man in the world so he's going to make anything look easy.


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