Star Wars Minute 70: More Wealth Than You Can Imagine

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September 6th, 2013.


The Wookiee has a worried and frightened look on his face as Han binds him with the electronic cuffs.


Leslie Gornstein



  • Starts with Luke trying to convince Han to rescue the Princess and ends with <spoilers> Luke and Han going to rescue the Princess from the detention area.
  • This sequence is old-fashion movie making. Well staged and lots of talking.
  • Luke starts taking control at this point in the movie. He starts to become the hero.


  • Chewbacca doesn't like Luke trying to handcuff him however he lets Han do it (given that Han 'owns' him due to the life debt).
  • Are handcuffs just lying around the Death Star? Or are we getting a real insight into the SWM legendary character that is Pol Treidum?
  • What the barrels in Pol Treidum's office are really for.
  • Space handcuffs; Spacecuffs. They were left open intentionally so that Chewie can escape.
  • Chewbacca is supposed to be their prisoner but he's walking around with his gun and bullet belt and no-one noticed.
  • Why Luke and Han took Chewbacca with them to the detention area and what might have happened if they didn't.
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 just left in the control room to fend for themselves. Very cavalier given that getting R2-D2 safely to the Rebels was the whole point of the mission.
  • The line "Hope that they don't have blasters" is a bit strange given that everyone on the Death Star appears to have blasters.
  • Pete always misheard a line as "More well than you can imagine". Alex reinterprets this as "More, WELL, than you can imagine".
  • Luke knows to use Han's greed as a motivator. Although it may be a con / false promise - is Leia rich, especially given that her planet just blew up?
  • Referenced: Scooby-Doo.
  • Princess Leia being the subject of royal gossip in the Star Wars universe.
  • Referenced: Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.
  • Receiving call for help from Princesses in the real world.
  • Why does Luke think / assume that Leia is wealthy? Perhaps because she's clean, has a nice hair-do and owns two droids.
  • Is C-3PO a guy? (Asked by Leslie) Answer - yes; they refer to C-3PO as him in a few scenes. R2-D2 is also a guy for the same reason.
  • However C-3PO does play a non-traditional male role for the 70s. (Note - this is a really interesting point made by Leslie.)
  • The female C-3PO type droid in the Prequels ("Sorry Pete").
  • How to tell the difference between male and female characters in Star Wars and other pop culture in general.

Meta Minute

  • 19:16 podcast episode length.
  • One of the hosts has a squeaky chair in this podcast episode; it is heard multiple times.
  • Following a question from Alex, Leslie talks about watching Star Wars as a girl in the 70s and liking that Leia was strong and independent and different to other Princesses depicted in pop culture at the time - i.e. Leia actually picks up a blaster and shoots something. She's also not afraid to sarcastically complain about the quality of the rescue (which turns the whole concept of a Princess being rescued on its head). Leslie also remembers feeling let-down by Leia's slave costume in ROTJ and not understanding why they had to do that in the movie. The hosts comment on the general lack of female characters in Star Wars.
  • Pete comments on a few Star Wars toys that were intended for girls.
  • Thanks to Leslie for a fantastic week of podcast episodes.
  • The hosts talk about crossing over between podcasts.


  • Leslie: God, I'm not qualified to be here you guys!
  • Alex: <Scooby-Doo impersonation>.
  • Leslie: Why are you saying this?


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