Star Wars Minute 73: A Lot of Cameras

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September 11th, 2013.


Luke, Chewie and Han shoot their way onto the prison level.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Chewie breaking free and going berserk as the escape attempt starts in earnest and ends with Han answering a call on the intercom at the control station.


  • This is a crazy battle; it is mostly an editing job and not much of a shoot-out. Although all four human Imperial Officers are killed by our heroes.
  • Harrison Ford is actually wearing the Stormtrooper costume.
  • George Lucas did cringe about people being killed in this scene and it was further edited in future editions of the movie.
  • There is a brief camera shot of one of the Imperial Officers (Shann Childsen) being on fire after being hit in the torso area. Other potential deleted scenes are also discussed.
  • One of the Imperial Officers has his hand behind his back as he shoots - very proper like. Although he did just leave his gun lying around on the control panel.
  • Two of the Imperial Officers that are killed in this scene were also present in the earlier scene in which Leia was tortured by Darth Vader.
  • Is the console beeping in response to the commotion going on in the control room? Or the video cameras and screens being knocked out of action? Or something else?
  • There are a lot of cameras in the control room and we see each and everyone of them getting shot up.
  • The number of cameras reflects the Emperor's zero tolerance approach on criminals; he wanted to make sure that the officers were following the strict rules with the prisoners.
  • Or perhaps a lot of cameras are required to make holographic projections work.
  • There are a lot of practical effects in this minute, including the actor playing Shann Childsen actually being on fire with pyrotechnics after he has been shot. Or the actor was actually shot.
  • Han definitely should have kept his helmet on after the battle was over - for safety, so that he could misdirect any other Stormtroopers that entered the room and to use the radio built into the helmet.

Meta Minute

  • 12:46 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO caller asks a) why are there so many different styles of cameras in the detention area control room and b) why do they have so many cameras in such a small room anyway?
  • Jackie repeats her greeting as Alex steps on the first one.
  • Discussion about where sections of the movie were filmed. Pete admits to being wrong in previous podcast episodes about what was filmed in Tunisia and Death Valley (California).
  • Han's famous ad-lib to be discussed in the next podcast episode - SWM 74.


  • Jackie: Does this hologram make me look fat?
  • Alex: As Paul Schram learned. Pete: Pol Treidum!


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