Star Wars Minute 78: There's Something Alive in Here

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September 18th, 2013


Suddenly Luke is yanked under the garbage.


Joe Mazel



  • Starts with a laser blast ricocheting all over the place and ends with Luke being pulled under the water by something.
  • A tense and scary minute.


  • Han takes the easiest and simple approach - blast everything.
  • When did Luke have time to fire his blaster given that he only just landed in the trash compactor as well?
  • Does Luke still have his lightsaber with him? If so, he could have used that to cut the door open. There is precedent for that in the Prequels ("Sorry Pete"). <Alex can hear Pete's teeth grinding.>
  • Apparently the doors here are magnetically sealed, although in the comic book the trash compactor is vacuum sealed (for freshness!).
  • What the walls in the trash compactor are made of. Looks like wooden planks / slats on a pirate ship. Maybe they built this part of the Death Star first.
  • There is a musical quality to Luke and Leia yelling at Han.
  • Luke is a dork in this scene when they hear the 'monster'. "There's something alive in here." Did Luke use his Force power to detect this?
  • Luke continuing to be whiny throughout the trilogy.
  • Dianoga's eye popping up is funny and cool. It is another example of CG robots stepping in poop. The Dianoga is a cool creature in general.
  • More Dianoga talk in the next podcast episode.

Meta Minute

  • 11:36 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Alex: Are we ready? Pete: Yep, I was just reading the comic book.
  • Joe talks about things that you think about Star Wars when you're 3 years old seeming to stay with you for your whole life.
  • Alex talks about his favorite Christmas present of all-time, being the Death Star playset. This toy came with a little trash compactor and a Dianoga - which looked totally different to how you imagined it from the movie. It looked almost like a plucked turkey with a couple of tentacles and one eye-ball stalk.
  • The hosts gush over the Death Star playset in general - including the elevator that went up and down, the bright orange trash compactor element and the canon that 'blew up' (i.e. toppled over). 100% realism wasn't the aim with toys in the 70's.
  • Joe talks about his lack of understanding of the plot of Star Wars as a kid, the limited number of figurines available at the beginning, his enjoyment of playing with the Death Star playset, and how long it took him to realise that the Death Star actually belonged to the bad guys.
  • Referenced: Walrus Man.
  • It is in this minute that Pete mentions, for the first time, that some listeners have given him feedback that people hate toy talk. Although he notes that other people seem to like it.
  • Alex promotes the SWM social media presence and encourages people to like and subscribe.


  • Joe: Wait, cut the door open with his lightsaber? I've never seen that happen before.


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