Star Wars Minute 86: Wrong Turn

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September 30th, 2013.


Luke and Leia race through the hatch onto a narrow bridge that spans a huge, deep shaft that seems to go into infinity.


Adam Santiago



  • Starts with Han Solo running down a hallway chasing some Stormtroopers and ends with Luke and Leia trying to figure out how to get across a chasm whilst being fired upon by Stormtroopers.
  • A lot of gun-play in this minute.


  • The color of the laser bolts shot from the Stormtrooper's blasters.
  • This minute was changed in the Special Edition; in the original Han chases the Stormtroopers into a dead end but in the Special Edition he chases them into a hangar bay where there are several thousand Stormtroopers and a TIE fighter. Alex says "Sorry Pete" for mentioning the Special Editions. Alex says that this change may actually work in the movie, whereas Pete - predictably - says that it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • The Stormtroopers being chased by Han may be the worst in the entire trilogy. They should be more like the boss in a video game - swinging a steel girder.
  • Alex points out that the Stormtroopers defeated by the teddy bears in a later movie may actually be the worst Stormtroopers.
  • The echo sound effect in the chasm gives it a real sense of a large physical space - call out to Ben Burtt. These sound effects have been altered in later versions of the movie.
  • How far does sound travel in the chasm and on the Death Star?
  • The chasm allows for a three dimensional shoot-out; the characters are firing at each other from different levels.
  • Referenced: Three dimensional chess in Star Trek.
  • Does the path that the characters follow on the Death Star, given its layout, actually physically work? (i.e. should they end up above the Millennium Falcon?) Also, paths and walkways on the Death Star.
  • The Stormtroopers not being able to shoot Luke and Leia from about 15 feet away, with Luke and Leia having their backs turned and framed by a doorway, is another example of the Stormtroopers being terrible at their jobs. Also, where did these Stormtroopers even come from? They must have just bumped into them at some stage.
  • The Stormtroopers all have left-handed holsters even though they all seem to be right-handed shooters.
  • Are all the Stormtroopers still clones at this point? Also, is the Stormtrooper clone 'pattern' degrading? If so, perhaps all the rejects have been placed on the Death Star as a safe place to keep them.
  • The chase sequence in this minute is another example of Chewbacca getting out of his life debt.
  • How Chewbacca could have escaped the Death Star without Han.
  • Luke should have spent more time working out what to do at the chasm before simply blasting the control panel.
  • Referenced: The Hulk; hulk smash!
  • At this point in the movie Leia seems to be interested in Han but Luke keeps trying to impress her with various 'acts of courage'.

Meta Minute

  • 17:13 podcast episode length.
  • Adam states that Luke Skywalker is his least favorite character in the movie/s because he's a) always so whiny and b) trying too hard to be cool.
  • Referenced: Harry Potter.
  • Adam's most favorite <sic> character in the movie is Ben (not Pol Treidum or Ben Burtt as suggested by Pete and Alex).
  • Reminder about 'The Star Wars Minute' Facebook page.
  • Referenced: Pigs in Space (The Muppets).



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