Star Wars Minute 91: Run, Luke! Run!

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October 7th, 2013.


Luke starts for the advancing troops, as Solo and Leia move up the ramp into the pirateship.


Songe Riddle



  • Starts with a puzzled Darth Vader stepping on Ben's cloak and ends with Luke wistfully looking at the chess board remembering better times.
  • Darth Vader leans in towards the camera; very ominous.
  • There is a missing lightsaber effect.
    • This was not changed in the first Special Edition, but it was for later Editions.


  • Luke's screamed "No!" is a good example of Mark Hamill's acting exuberance (supported by the swelling music).
  • Part of Luke being upset is that Luke had hitched his wagon / entire life to Ben and now he's dead.
  • In isolation, Vader daintily stepping on Ben's cloak is a bit silly. Where did he think Ben was?
  • When Vader isn't saying anything he looks like a dog searching for his master.
  • What would have happened if the hero's escape plan hadn't of worked. The Stormtroopers probably still would have let them escape but it may have taken Luke a while to realize this.
  • Call-back to Luke blasting a Death Star door control panel.
  • Luke is a much better aim than the Stormtroopers. This may reflect the fact that the Death Star Stormtroopers are not battle trained / hardened troops; they're more like security guards. Luke, on the other hand, is a farmer that has been around guns his whole life; a much better shot. Plus Luke has The Force.
  • The Millennium Falcon does an excellent three-point turn to get out of the hangar. This shows all of the sides of the Falcon. It should have clipped the side of the Death Star as it left.
  • Chewbacca monologues at the end of this minute. It's not translated and we have no idea what he's saying. "Stop calling me names; I've got feelings"?
  • Listener project: Subtitling all of Chewbacca's lines in English. What would they be?

Meta Minute

  • 15:31 podcast episode length.
  • How the physical Millennium Falcon prop is controlled by the movie-makers. Also, the amount of physical detail on the Falcon is awesome. (The ramps were irritating on the toy and were always the first to break.)
  • The whole movie set in the Death Star sequence is fantastic.
  • Thankfully the special editions of the movies do not have special names like "May The Force Be With You Edition" or "The Pol Treidum Edition".
  • The Millennium Falcon doesn't really look like a piece of junk to our untrained eyes; it just looks like a cool spaceship.
  • One good thing about the Prequels ("Sorry Pete") is that they show shiny, new spaceships which put the Falcon into context as a "piece of junk".
  • Alex compares this to his Abraham Lincoln example (which he has raised multiple times).
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  • Pete: As Darth Vader "WHAT!".


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