Star Wars Minute 96: The Han-Luke Spectrum

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Pete and Ella at Tikal in Guatemala, the real-life location of Yavin 4


October 14th, 2013.


The battered pirateship drifts into orbit around the planet Yavin and proceeds to one of its tiny green moons.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with Han, Luke and Leia in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon as they fly back to the secret Rebel base and ends with the Falcon coming in for a landing on said Rebel base.
  • One of the few moments that Luke and Han have together on screen.


  • Han's posture and other nonchalant 'body acting' in this scene is intense. Is it good acting or completely overdone?
  • This minute contains Josh's most quoted Star Wars line from Luke: "I care".
  • The conversation between Han and Luke is interesting. Han is treating Luke as a peer and with a degree of respect.
  • Did Han think about Leia in 'that way' until Luke mentioned his interest in her? Han's interest in Leia throughout the trilogy is driven entirely by Luke's interest.
  • Shots of the Millennium Falcon flying through, and past, space are gorgeous. They should be 20 mins long. And they are practical shots. They define what space looks like for a generation.
  • The rule of sci-fi is adhered to in this sequence: the spaceship is flying the right side up in relation to the planets.
  • Referenced: Star Trek.
  • The planet matte paintings are super realistic. And the Millennium Falcon looks cool from every angle.
  • The guy using his radar gun to check the speed of the Millennium Falcon as it nears the base on Yavin 4.
  • Yavin 4 is the first time we see somewhere 'Earth-like' in the movie - it has trees.

Meta Minute

  • 17:24 podcast episode length.
  • Lucas is not a good director of actors.
  • Josh wonders what take of the scene this is. Alex points out that at least it's better than the underacted prequels ("Sorry Pete").
  • Chemistry between Han / Harrison and Luke / Mark.
  • In defense of Luke. Most men are a balance or struggle between Han and Luke; a lot of men are whiny like Luke and are not cool like Han. The 'Han-Luke Spectrum' is created and discussed. This is complicated by the fact that Luke and Han change over time.
  • Referenced: The Beatles; The Rolling Stones; American Graffiti.
  • This scene is very 'American Graffiti' like. Lucas is clearly able to create these type of scenes. Lucas also got lucky in finding Harrison Ford (note - and vice versa). Harrison Ford doesn't act like this anymore.
  • Pete has visited the Yavin 4 location in real life. It is in Tikal, Guatemala. It is a tourist location but there is no little tower to stand in. Pete visited Guatemala to see a member of his wife's family, but was primarily there because, you know, Star Wars. It was an awesome place.
  • Real-life locations are becoming a thing of the past; will we be saving the physical computers that made the current movies?
  • What do the Guatemalans make of the whole thing?
    • Oscar Isaac was born in Guatemala and the fact that Yavin IV was filmed there was a big influence on him [1].


  • Josh: I care.
  • Josh: That's what Han is; he's a Republican by this third movie.


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