Star Wars Minute: LIVE! in L.A. Part 2

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Left to Right: Matt, Alex, Pete, Tony, Joseph


August 20th, 2014


Discussion of classic Star Wars-related TV commercials.


Matt Belknap, Joseph Scrimshaw, and Tony Thaxton.


  • Recorded live at the Nerdmelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.
  • No Kenner toy ads have been included; they may be covered separately at a later date.

NES Star Wars Game

  • Basically a home invasion.
  • Not a good idea to scare your parents - the ones that are going to buy you the game.
  • Seems like a public service announcement (PSA).
  • Darth Vader and the stormtroopers represent the mother's fear.
  • By buying her kids the game she can alleviate her fear. This is the hidden message of the ad.
  • What happened to the sister and dad from the start of the ad?
  • Is this like what happened to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru?
  • Are the Imperial forces (including Darth Vader) there because they're worried that these boys are controlling real rebel spaceships and attacking them?
    • Or is it a "Last Starfighter" thing and Vader wants to recruit them?
    • Or does he have other reasons entirely?
  • This game and ad comes from the Dark Ages. Very weird timing for something Star Wars related.
  • The characters have giant deformed 8-bit heads in the game.
  • It was not a popular game or console by the time the game was released in 1991.

Majik Market

  • Everyone that has anything to do with Comic Book Stores knows the type of guy in the ad.
  • The hosts have never heard of Majik Market. It was a convenience store not linked to gas stations; like an early 7-11.
  • The ad was from the era when Star Wars could be slapped onto anything and it would sell.
  • The ad is from fall 1977 - it was one of the first licensed Star Wars product.
  • The guy in the ad is excited about Star Wars but doesn't know any of the terms yet (e.g. he says "the guy lassos the thing"; "laser swords").
  • Also, spoilers.
  • And why is this guy the spokesperson? Shouldn't it be a cool 70s kid? He must be related to the Dunkin' Donuts guy from the same era.
  • Who is he talking to? Must be an annoyed customer.
  • The hosts all had the Burger King Star Wars glasses that were released shortly after the movie.
  • The Majik Market cups are worth a fortune now.

Star Wars Underoos

  • From 1980. Must have been rushed for the release of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • The ad is an insult to Boba Fett.
  • C-3PO's dancing is very awkward - not "fancy".
  • The droids are for girls due to the lack of female characters in Star Wars.
  • The underoos range and what they are.
  • The strange sound effects and timing in the ad.
  • This ad is from a different time.
  • Many of the hosts owned these as kids.

Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA

  • The voices are not matched to the correct characters.
  • This is not from the movie - it was recreated (badly) after the movie.
  • Perhaps this ad was made as a message to guys like the Majik Market guy.
  • Is Chewbacca usually the designated driver? Or is it usually Han?
  • The spaceship in the ad is NOT the Millennium Falcon so don't try to fit it into continuity. It's just a freighter that looks like the Millennium Falcon - this has been described in EU.
  • There is a lot of quality neck-wear being worn by the characters in the ad. This is clearly to cover up the masks.
  • Two of the characters in the ad did have a relationship in the "Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina" book. Pete describes this story in detail.

Final comments

  • Star Wars was the first movie that Matt ever saw in the theater (at 3 or 4 years of age) and Empire was a big deal for him.
  • He remembers that at around the time of Empire the Ben Cooper character masks were released and there were reports of kids using other unsafe household items for costumes.
  • He knew a kid who said his dad was the lawyer for a case that got certain shooting toys banned in the 80s.

Meta Minute

  • 33:26 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Intro - and promotion for
  • More special episodes like this will be released over time.
  • The boys would eventually do a "We know you hate it when we talk about the toys" live show.
  • By the time this episode aired, not counting special episodes, Pete and Alex had talked about Star Wars an Empire for 76 hours, 29 minutes, and 23 seconds, or just over three full days.


  • Joseph: ...there's no biz like sno biz.
  • Matt: Did you see when the alien drank the thing?
  • Pete: This is going to go too deep into it. Alex: Now it's going too... Pete: Yeah, now it's going to go too deep; sorry, I know you guys have listened to all 80 hours of us talking about Star Wars and Empire.


Star Wars Ads

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Majik Market
Star Wars Underoos
Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA

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