Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 101

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Mar 11, 2017


We recap our recent trip and talk to Ben Acker about his new book "Join the Resistance."




Ben Acker


Pre-recorded section with Ben Acker

  • A brief description of the plot of "Join the Resistance": it's The Goonies in Star Wars
  • Canonizing your friends
  • Will the Bens work Pete or Alex into future books?
  • Ben loves the new movies
  • CGI Tarkin
  • Who is your favourite of the Spice Girls?
  • Pete won't watch films containing Star Wars actors before he's seen them in Star Wars
  • Monsters vs aliens
  • Resist

Roll Call

  • Mugs
  • Pete watched Arrival and La La Land


  • Ben and Alex: "You wouldn't believe a Star can war"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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