Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 103

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Mar 26, 2017


Dan Telfer returns to talk about anthology films, video games, and more




Dan Telfer


  • Alex is desperately trying to catch up with his Rebels reviews before season finale
  • Is it OK to spoil Rebels?
  • Last week: Chrysanthe Tan
  • She was the last of the Californian trip
  • Next week: Josh Flanagan
  • Positivity takes a hit (it's the droid factory)
  • Confirmed for SW Celebration
  • Mail
    • They won an award!

Dan Telfer pre-recorded section

  • Dan has a beef with Jordan Hoffman
  • Rogue One
  • CGI Tarkin
  • Pete doesn't like Vader
  • Alex doesn't like walrus man
  • Dan likes everything
  • A little gaming talk (Mass Effect)
  • Han Solo
    • It's good that the actors don't look like the originals
  • Dan is reading bloodlines
  • The old EU
  • Dan wants the Darth Plagueis minutes
  • Planning their prequel radio dramas
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game
  • Tales of the Jedi
  • Dan recommends the podcasts "You Must Remember This" and "My Favorite Murder"
  • Dan is on Nerd Poker

Roll call

  • Listener question: Modal Nodes or Max Rebo?
  • Pete's sudden craving to read an old Man-Thing comic
  • Kiss
  • Will Star Wars ever have non-human leads?
  • Pete was on Ramones of the Day
  • Shoutout to the wiki team! Go us!


  • Alex: "Boonta was a bantha."

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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