Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 104

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Apr 1, 2017


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Tony Thaxton and Todd Cooper


  • Pete and Alex haven't turned up, Tony's there on this own
  • Last week: Josh Flanagan
  • Next week: ???
  • Star Wars Celebration
  • Tony's patreon
  • Tony plays his Greedo song
  • Todd turns up, and it turns into an episode of Feliz Navipod
  • Back to the Future II
  • Tony plays the Talking about Star Wars theme
  • Todd's memories of Star Wars
  • Rogue One
  • Star Wars Celebration
  • Tony plays his Obi Wan song
  • Tony and Todd play Can You Match It with Star Wars score
  • The back patch segment
  • Star Wars show at Largo (as described in Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 101)
  • T&T make up the Roll Call
  • Tony plays out with his Jabba song


  • Tony: "I want that future where there's flying cars but we still have fax machines"

Jek Porkins Memorial Septology

Who would you cast in a Star Wars version of Friends? (from Elliot)
  • Wicket as Smelly Cat
  • Jar Jar as Joey
  • Poe Dameron as Chandler
  • Yoda as Courtney Cox [sic]
  • C-3PO as Ross
  • Princess Leia as Rachael
  • Malla as Phoebe

(Live harmonising with the JPMS theme (I mean, it's always live, obviously, but this time it's even liver))

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