Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 112

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Jun 3, 2017


Tony Consiglio joins us to help celebrate the end Attack of the Clones and look ahead to The Last Jedi.




Tony Consiglio


  • The Rolling Stones
  • ToCo is planning Nothing But Troubled Minutes
  • Pete was on Kevin Geeks Out
  • The end of AotC
  • Tony worked at Madison Square Garden
  • Stag films
  • Do the guys ever pursue cast members?
  • Cheech Marin tried to scam ToCo
  • The Last Jedi
    • Trailer
    • Tony thinks Rey will kill Luke
    • Rey's parentage
    • Have they written Episode IX?
    • Will they kill anyone off?
  • Will SW ever have a post-credits sting?
  • Unicron
  • Jordan White wondered if Darth Vader can silence C-3PO with the Force
  • Alex was watching Star Wars Explained on YouTube
  • He doesn't like the ancient times
  • Roll Call
    • Movies by Minutes Chicago
    • Musicals
  • Cameos from the muppet movie
  • This episode starts and ends with Orson Welles


  • Alex: "We're over half an hour in, we should probably talk a little bit about Star Wars."
  • Alex: "I don't think it's C-3PO, he has, like, a red arm"
  • Pete: "Newbacca"
  • Tony: "Hey, dummy mouth"
  • Alex: "Are you making fun of me because I have a monocle?"
  • Pete: "Bunnies aren't really rodents, they're lagomorphs" Alex: "You mean they're shape shifters?"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Tony C does the themes. They are almost as good as Tony Thaxton's.

Things you'd like to see in The Last Jedi
  • Luke and Leia hug
  • A comedy sequence
  • Return of classic aliens, with bigger parts
  • A droid planet

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