Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 114

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Jun 17, 2017


We talk to Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez from Back to the Future Minute about completing a saga.




Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez


  • Scott and Nick finished a saga!
  • Scott is doing Spiderman minute
  • They're going to do the Cornetto trilogy together
  • Scott (could be Nick?) saw World's End 12 times in the cinema (one for each pub)

Jpms first: Not going to do Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan (too easy) first: car borrowers going over the hill to the tune of john williams pete: tempting to do Greedo's mention in ET... (Alex excited by Indian in the Cupboard showing Darth Vader in the previews ) Alex: nerd in alias Pete: incredibly deep cut reference to start wars holiday special in south park Other: Bill Murray Star wars song More snoke theories! Their Obi wan and Leia movie Rankings not nick 4576r312 Nick 745r312 Battle front 2 Roll call false start First episode of clone wars Alex gives it 4 eopies


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Star wars references in other things
  • Darth Vader in love
  • Choice 2
  • The Star Wars conversation from Clerks
  • Choice 2
  • Choice 2

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