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June 24th, 2017


Alex reviews chapter 2 of the Clone Wars and chats with Jacob Sirof about Rogue One, Han Solo and the Fired Directors and more!

Editor's note: spoiler for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is around 13:00 to 13:25.




Jacob Sirof



Pre-recorded section with Jacob Sirof

  • Both Alex and Jacob like Rogue One less each time they watch it. Rogue One is the bottom of his ranking, but there are still things that he loves about it as well as things that he hates.
  • Old and new Expanded Universe.
  • Things that Jacob did like about the movie.
    • He liked that they included a Clone Wars (a Lucas creation) character and the same actress played Mon Mothma.
    • Glad that everyone died.
  • Things that he didn't like.
  • The big shakeup with the Han Solo standalone film. Lord and Miller were fired and replaced with Ron Howard.4
    • Quick thoughts and reactions.
      • Forward and backlash surrounding Kathleen Kennedy's leadership of Lucasfilm.
      • Mentioned: Superman II.
  • Recasting actors, especially Carrie Fisher.
    • CGI Tarkin was great, CGI Leia less so.
  • Star Wars films pushing the technological envelope, vs. being nostalgia-driven films.
  • Will they eventually reboot Star Wars?
  • Fears about Colin Trevorrow directing Episode IX.
  • Digression into "Twin Peaks" and David Lynch.
  • Anthology films should play around with the format, but saga films should stick to the formula.
  • Thanks to and from Jacob.
  • Jacob discovered the Star Wars Minute Listener's Society Facebook page.
  • 'Jacob Sirof' has become a verb.

Other Notes

  • What minutes from Revenge of the Sith would you want to do?
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars chapter 2.
    • Alex has started to come around on his pet peeve.
    • Any relationship between IG-88 and the IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank?
    • Parallels with Black Hawk Down?
    • Alex rates this episode 4 LAATs
  • Plug for Godfather Minute, ABCDEVO.
  • Do we think of Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as portraying the same character, or is it more of a James Bond situation?
  • Alex won't be here next week, but Pete will be back.

Meta Notes

  • A series with four entries is called a Tetralogy.
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, Summer starts June 21st.
  • The planet where Aayla Secura met her end was called Felucia.
  • Rogue One had a single Iris wipe to the end credits.
  • Of the actors to portray James Bond in Eon-produced 007 movies, George Lazenby is the only one to have only one film credit as Bond.
  • After the sign-off: bonus recording with Pete and DTR watching Star Wars: Clone Wars chapter 2.


  • Alex: There's a fine line between Canonical Bull and canonical bull.
  • Jacob: I'm so honored to be so hated...

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