Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 116

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2 Jul, 2017


The Retailer family reviews recent Star Wars news




Ella Moran, DTR


  • An All Retailer SWMWE!
  • Alex is at his brothers bachelor party
  • They released We Know You Hate It When We Talk About the Toys.
  • Ella finally reveals the "toy talk" joke
  • They're going to do ESB Special Edition episodes soon
  • General live show discussion
    • Unusual laughs
    • Shoutout to David
  • Movies by Minutes Chicago
  • ETR will be there, DTR will not
  • Han Solo movie kerfuffle
  • Looking forward to The Last Jedi
  • Forces of Destiny
  • Diversity in Star Wars
  • Will SWM reschedule the seasons when SW movies are released in May?
  • Post credits sting


  • Ella: "Crystal is a rock-star."
  • DTR: "Can we watch Star Wars?"
  • DTR: "Thank you everybody"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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