Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 117

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July 8th, 2017


Alex and Pete, together again. Opening mail and talking about cartoons and ship shapes.






  • Alex is back from Andrew Robinson's bachelor party in Las Vegas
  • Pete is more optimistic now about Han Solo than before
  • Last Jedi, Episode IX
  • Toys minute
  • Famous Ray's
  • Forces of Destiny
    • Alex watched the Ewok one
  • Han Solo deleted scene
  • Clone wars Chapter 3
    • Hand signals / minimal dialog
    • Pete gave it 66 stars, Alex gave it 47
  • They missed the movie adaption issues (1-6) of the original Marvel comics
  • Mailbag
    • Jason M: a box
      • Die-cast Star Wars vehicles
      • Star Wars madlibs
    • Bryan W
      • His comic (Meat: A Tale of Terror)
      • Pins
    • Darth Patreonus, from Yorktown Heights
      • Gi Joe comics
      • Star wars Galaxy from 1995
  • Mark Hamill on Carson in 1977: Is Kenny Baker in There?
  • Mark Hamill's accident
  • Tony started Star Wars Autocorrect
  • The Star Wars / Star Trek fight
  • Pete was on Puck Soup
  • Mark McConville on Feliz Navipod


  • Alex: "A return to cautious optimism".

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Which _-wing would you like, and who would you like to fly it? (from User:kabutton}
  • H-wing, Hammerhead
  • S-wing, Saw Gerrera
  • J-wing, Dexter Jettster
  • P-wing, Pondo Baba
  • K-wing, Krelman
  • I-wing, IG-88

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