Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 120

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29 Jul, 2017


Pete and Alex are talking about Clone Wars again.

I hope no bad people show up...




Chris Radtke


  • Ralph from Cake Boss is doing a charity thing
  • Sound board
  • Jet Lucas cancelled series 3 of Clone Wars
  • Which minute would you have George Lucas on for?
  • Clone Wars Episode 6
    • Asajj Ventress
    • Development of Dooku
    • Nets
    • IG88
    • "Clone Wars The Lesser" (to refer to the CG series) is coined
    • Chris thinks Oscar Isaacs will do a dramatic removal of his clothes at some point
    • Rear end discussion
    • Chris 5.5/5
    • Pete didn't watch it
    • Alex 4/5
  • Thor Ragnarok trailer
  • Roll Call
    • Ready Player One and the nerd police


  • Chris: "I like bald ladies too." Alex: "Nothing compares to 'em"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

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