Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 123

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19 Aug, 2017


Jordan White is here to play "What If?"




Jordan White


  • Jordan had been organising his comic book collection
  • He loves the Han Solo movie
  • Rian Johnson's films
  • Time travel in movies
  • Will there ever be time travel in Star Wars?
  • What "what if" alternate universe would Jordan love to do for the prequels?
  • Pauly Batts sent them some Lego
  • Jordan brought them some new Vader comics
  • Pete's catching up on Marvel movies
  • Fancy cinemas
  • Why didn't Finn just switch to the other gun turret?
  • Mad about you
  • List of in-universe songs in the Star Wars
  • Everyone confuses the love themes
  • Porgs
  • Cute things in SW
  • Sentience: is there a Wampa senator?
  • Eating meat in Star Wars
  • The Black Hole
  • Star Wars arcade games
  • No Roll Call


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Favourite musical themes and moments from the Star wars films (from Colin)
  • The asteroid field in ESB
  • R2 opens the door in Cloud City revealing the Falcon
  • Honorable mention: the music towards the end of RotS

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