Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 124

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26 Aug, 2017


We're talkin' Ben Kenobi: His stand-alone movie and in the Clone Wars shorts.






  • They're preparing for Chicago
  • The band leader got married
    • Pete was at the Elvis Costello table
  • Alex has been watching The Great Muppet Caper
  • When is a cameo a cameo?
  • Pete's Star Wars suits
  • Alex's brother also got married
  • Week 3 of Godfather Minute
  • ABCDEVO is progressing
  • Obi Wan movie confirmed
  • Yoda movie, Boba Fett movie, and all the other potential movies
  • Galaxy Quest TV show
  • A prize for anyone that gets a photo of themselves with Paul Scheer and a sandwich
  • Blimpies
  • Alex is going to see Ringo Starr, but not the meet and greet
  • How many Beatles to an Aquabat?
  • Pete could go see Paul in NYC, and they could do an Alphabeatical hiatus episode
  • Clone wars, chapter 8
    • Obi wan took a light sabre to a joust
    • Clones are to Mandalorians as splenda is to sugar
    • Devil Dogs and general snack talk
    • Chocodiles
    • Pete thinks there's too much forcing
    • Obi-Wan is Pete's favourite character in Star Wars
    • Pete 3/8
    • Alex 5/8
  • Someone is no longer in the Han Solo movie
  • Roll Call didn't work


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