Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 130

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Oct 7, 2017


After some chitchat, Alex talks to Eric Deutsch about Yoda, and then quizzes Pete on Star Wars. - RIP General Tucks -.




Eric Deutsch


  • Pete has some good news... but not yet
  • Pete is not standing for Congress
  • Dramatic reading of Plan 9 from Outer Space
  • Pete met Eric (of groaner-puns fame)
  • Shout out to the wiki crew! (who definitely listen a little too closely)
  • I totally forgot to note down the thing that Alex wanted us to remind him to do. What a doofus.
  • Eric Deutsch talks about the difference between the way Yoda speaks and acts in the ESB novelization and the movie. He includes some of his Yoda impression.
    • Kabutton reminded me! Alex, don't forget to send Eric an mp3 of this episode.
  • When should children watch Star wars?
  • The new trailer is coming!
  • Star wars quiz from
  • Only one name in the Roll Call this week: Rest in Peace, General Tucks. Gone to that big menswear store in the sky.


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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