Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 135

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11 November


Jawa tongues, big announcements and OTHER big announcements.






  • New season starts on Monday!
  • Their other projects
  • Rogue One with the sound off
  • Rian Johnson's new trilogy
  • Star Wars TV show
  • Pete's elevator pitch
  • Military dramas
  • From a Certain Point of Review
    • "Stories in the Sand", about a Jawa
    • Alex gave it 3 sand crawlers out of 5
  • Clone wars
    • Jedi mind tricks
    • Did Golden Tony do a Michael Jackson?
    • Alex gave it 3/5 mind controlled typhos
  • Golden Tony is going to be at Star wars night at the penguins game
  • Dean Lumbard's end of tangent theme
  • Alex's Star wars minute comic book idea


  • Pete: "Leaner, meaner, fighting machiner."
  • Pete: "Stop screaming Star wars!"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Kathleen Kennedy has decided to reboot, with Pete and Alex in charge.
What changes do they make to keep it fresh? - Darth Patreonus
  • Kids hanging out on Tatooine
  • Yoda is Minch again
  • Bring back Marie
  • Have Dak in Star Wars to increase the impact of him dying
  • Expand the battle of Hoth
  • Get rid of Death Star II

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