Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 136

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Nov 18, 2017


Hey, we're back!






  • Gigs and theatre
  • Going alone
  • When will we see a Solo teaser?
  • The hiatus is over!
  • Last week: nobody
  • Next week: Anil Dash
  • Chrys did this season's closing theme
  • Battlefront 2
  • POV - "Reirin"
    • Sand people
    • A bit disappointing
    • Alex 2/5 gaffe sticks
  • Clone Wars #16
    • Warner Brothers cartoons
    • More talking, Alex likes that
    • Alex gives it 3 1/2 Typhos
    • Pete liked it too
  • Pete doesn't love the saga begins

Pete hardware wars Alex mad magazine musical Pete droid tales Pete I don't know if it counts, but hey, it's our show, so sure Alex Seth MacFarlane s emperor Alex Yoda weird Al no Alex Richard cheese cantina Pete family guy no Pete Yoda


  • Pete: "I don't know if it counts, but hey, it's our show, so sure"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Favourite Star Wars parodies (from punmeister Eric)
  • Hardware wars
  • Droid tales
  • Family Guy
  • Weird Al - Yoda
  • Mad Magazine musical
  • Seth MacFarlane's Emperor
  • Weird Al - Yoda
  • Richard Cheese - Cantina
  • Choice 1
  • Choice 2
  • Choice 3

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