Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 139

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Dec 9, 2017


Oh hey, Pete's back!






  • Pete had a baby!
  • Pete wore the same shirt as when DTR was born
  • Last week: Chrysanthe Tan
  • She hadn't done the closing theme at that point
  • Next week: Todd Alcott
  • Last SWM:WE before TLJ!
    • Any predictions?
      • Lando
      • IG-88's head
      • Tank
  • Canon vs legends
  • Babies and cinema
  • Thor Ragnarok
    • It might be Alex's favourite marvel movie
  • Logan AGAIN!
  • Voicemails from Eric
  • Certain Point of Review
    • "Rites"
    • Another Ghorfas story
    • Better description of a different culture
    • Alex 3 1/2 Gaderffii stick
    • Didn't do it for Pete
  • Commercials on TV
  • New Patreon levels
    • $3.27 is the new $5
    • $9.94 is the new $11.38
  • Roll call
    • Police Academy minute
    • Q: Cast of A Star Wars Christmas Carol
    • The 2–4 am TV sweet spot
    • Friday 13th

Meta Notes

  • Eagles, like all birds, do have ears in the sense that they have ear canals surrounded by feathers, but they lack the external ear (pinna) found in mammals. Unlike their sense of sight, eagle hearing has not been demonstrated to be superior to that of humans.


  • Pete: "Do eagles have ears?"
  • Alex: "Let's suppose someone I know, theoretically wanted to write…and draw a Gonk story."
  • Pete: "The Gonk paradigm."
  • Alex: (Paraphrasing Ric Olié) "The whole movie's one big Pol Treidum."

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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