Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 142

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Dec 30, 2017


Crystal Beth calls in to talk about TLJ




Crystal Beth


  • Has Crystal been on more MxM shows than anyone else?
  • Last week: Jacob Sirof
  • Next week: Dan Telfer
  • Toast
  • Pete: don't forget to text Dan Telfer
  • Is Crystal planning any other MxM podcasts?
  • Crystal just acquired @toiletnoises
  • Doctor Evazan died
  • Spoiler walls
  • TLJ
    • Crystal has seen it three times, Pete twice now
    • She loves it
    • Was the casino planet necessary?
    • Rey's parents
    • The Jedi grey area
    • DJ character
    • Snoke's death
    • Psycho spoiler
    • Phasma
    • Porgs
    • Chewie can FLY!
    • Things that would make Crystal quit Star Wars
    • Luke
    • Rankings
    • Han Solo movie
    • The Carrie Fisher conundrum
    • Light speed
    • Pete's second viewing
    • The perils of Alamo draft house


  • Crystal: "Everyone else's theories are TERRIBLE"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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