Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 143

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Jan 7, 2018


Pete and Alex did an (almost) unannounced live Q&A, while eating burgers between SWM recordings.






  • No themes
  • Alex is in NYC
  • Q: Have you seen the toy documentary on Netflix
  • They're in a hotel
  • Q: Was the juxtaposition of Jacob and Dan, who have very different opinions about the Prequels, deliberate?
  • Last week: Dan Telfer
  • He's now editor at Mad Magazine
  • Q: How long does recording a season take?
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Next week: Christina Marie Leonard
  • Q: Which new movies characters does Alex like drawing?
  • Q: Aside from SWMLS, what TLJ discussion have you been reading?
  • Q: What are your favourite current comics?
  • Q: Which non-main character in the whole series is your favourite?
  • Q: Do you ever record out of order?
  • Q: What is your advice on introducing children to Star Wars?
  • Q: What order will you do the new movies in?
  • Q: Do you have any book recommendations?
  • Q: What did you get on your burgers at Five Guys?
  • Q: Any "insider" knowledge about Solo?
  • Q: Who are your wrestling favourites and have you introduced DTR to it yet?
  • Q: What are your favourite capital ships?
  • Q: What would you like the new Rian Johnson trilogy to be about?
  • Q: Are there any characters from the Disney movies that you'd like to see a one-off movie of?
  • Fan fiction
  • Fame


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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