Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 147

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Feb 3, 2018


Tony Consiglio joins us to talk about the Academy Awards, The Last Jedi, and puppets.




Tony Consiglio


  • Picking up coins
  • Last week: Alphabeatical
  • Star Trek movies
  • Next week: Joe Dator and Suzen Tekla Kruglnska
  • Can you say "ass"?
  • The Oscars
  • Alex saw Logan
  • The Phantom Thread
  • Super Bowl
  • Last Jedi
  • Tony's trilogy would be on a droid planet
  • IG-88
  • Old TV series
  • For Tony to like a series, the characters would have to be able to put up a good fight
  • Hot butter Creepio
  • Point of Review
    • "Not for Nothing"
    • Tale of Ickabel G'ont
    • Modal node
    • Alex gave it 4 "woooorrwwwes"
  • Eric messages
    • Minute 58
    • It's a vent!
  • Grifts in Vegas
  • Letter to "Star Wars City"
  • Are SW fans more vocal because they "owned" the characters (i.e. toys)
  • Madame and Muppety-puppets


  • Pete: "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Including your money."

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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