Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 155

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Mar 31, 2018


Alex quizzes Pete and talks to the maker of a fan film.




Lee Kemp


  • Ishtar at Easter
  • Last week: Doughboys.
  • Pete hasn't seen TLJ again yet
  • Weird Al
  • Meeting a wrestling referee
  • The internet is on fire
  • Meryl Streep as princess Leia
  • A star wars trivia quiz!
  • Golden Tony
  • Roll call will be only on first SWMWE of the month
  • Pre recorded segment with Lee Kemp
    • He's directing a fan film
    • Takes place between RotJ and TFA
    • It's called Padawan Rising
  • Certain Point of View
    • The Secrets of Long Snoot
    • They liked it
    • Gorindan actually seems like an alien
  • The Crown
  • Fictional presidents & timelines


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

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