Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 158

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Apr 21, 2018


Dan Telfer is back to talk about The Last Jedi and more!



Dan Telfer


Last week super dork house Next week Riley Silverman

  • Dan's opinions of the last Jedi
  • He loved it, on an original trilogy level
  • This is the most metaphysical SW movie
  • Rian Johnson really knows his SW
  • Rey and Ren
  • Did Luke turn to the dark side?
  • Luke Skywalker saying sidious
  • Leia's Mary Poppins moment
  • Han Solo
    • Spoilers...?
    • Is Danny Glover going to steal the show?
  • The movies yet to come
  • Funny SW films
  • Salacious Crumb movie


  • Dan: "The prequels are to Star wars like bread are to giraffes."

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