Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 170

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July 14, 2018


The Last Jedi revisited, plus a new POV





  • Filbert has neck problems: Alex took him to the emergency room last night.
  • Pete and Ella watched TLJ last night
    • Pete loves it, but Finn and Rose isn't as good
  • Dune, Bladerunner, Narnia: movies that bomb
  • Funding for movies and podcasts
  • Point of View
    • Change of Heart
    • In the second person: Pete doesn't like
    • They didn't like the ending
    • Pete gave it 2/3, or 2/5
    • Alex gave it 1/3, or 2/5
    • Best place to be on Alderaan
  • Support bands playing with the main band


Jek Porgkins Memorial Sexology

Alex did his own sexology theme

Favourite porg moments (from Chris)
  • Playing with light sabre
  • Infestations of the falcon
  • The non-humorous porg nest
  • Chewie eating them
  • Trailer shot of the porg roar
  • The porg smacking into the window and sliding down was a little much

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