Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 40

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What did Tony Consiglio think of The Force Awakens? Let's find out!


Jan 9, 2016




Tony Consiglio


  • Joe Mazel hasn't seen TFA yet
  • Tony went to the cinema for TFA, but kept his eyes closed
  • Matt Belknap was the guest on the previous week of SWM
  • Tony talks TFA
    • Urination stories
    • Tony can't eat during a Star Wars movie
    • Tony's confusion
      1. Is the bird live or robot?
      2. What's the difference between the New Republic and the Resistance?
    • Wiki mentioned (during the dark times)
    • Comparing Joe Pesci's death in Goodfellas (wrong show) to Han Solo
    • Droid talk
    • Pete looking at the leaked "shooting script"
  • Has George Lucas ever directed anything he hasn't written?
  • In the Roll Call, Alex proposes the death star chase roll call
  • Tony does a post credits sting


  • Pete: "Put the kibosh on the wiki"
  • Pete: "We go hand-in-hand with waterboarding"
  • Tony: "Supreme leader scone"

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