Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 42

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Alex reports from the road, and Joseph Scrimshaw calls in about The Force Awakens.


Jan 23, 2016




Joseph Scrimshaw (no Pete)


  • Last week: Dan Telfer
  • Next week: Thaxxx is Baxxx
  • Release date of Episode 8 has moved
  • How Avatar should have been cast
  • Joseph Scrimshaw on TFA
    • Starkiller base was necessary
    • Joseph has seen TFA five times
    • It's weird not knowing everything about a Star Wars movie
    • Could Han Solo be alive?
    • Snoke


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Star Wars memories (choronologically)
  • Dressing as C-3PO for Halloween (1978?)
  • Reading Marvel Comics Treasury Edition Star Wars adaptation (1977-1979)
  • Reading the ESB novelization before seeing the movie (1980)
  • Seeing Star Wars Special Edition at The Chinese Theatre (1997)
  • Going Attack of the Clones toy shopping with Tony Consiglio (2002)
  • Star Wars Celebration with PTR (2015)

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