Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 44

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Alex and Pete tackle more of the questions from this week's live Q and A.


Feb 6, 2016




El Adam (very briefly)


  • Last week: Joseph Scrimshaw
  • Next week: Paul Rust
  • Questions that were missed in the Live Listener Q&A
    • If all creative works went into the public domain 20 years after publication, what would become of the Star Wars universe?
    • Do you regret nailing the sign off at the end of the first season?
    • Do you regret still doing the roll call?
    • Who do you fancy for the Super Bowl? Bespin Broncos or Yavin Panthers?
    • Do you guys like sports at all?
    • Do you think the release of the prequels was worth it to keep the franchise alive?
    • Do you still enjoy it outside the context of the podcast?
    • Who was your most unexpectedly enjoyable guest?
    • Will you do the second Ewok movie?
    • What are the benefits of not watching the movie before doing it minute by minute?
    • What's the fastest land animal (airplane reference)?
    • When are you going to get back into the card trader app?
    • Have you considered a Star wars comic page podcast?
    • Do you use quotes more often now due to the podcast?
  • Han and Leia in the south passage Roll Call (with still a smattering of trench run)


Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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