Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 67

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Alex is back, and so is Luke Skywalker in Marvel Comics issue #11


Jul 16, 2016






  • Alex went camping with Tony Consiglio
  • In reference to last week's JPMS, Alex would choose Jabba to be stranded on a desert island with
  • First hiatus episode coming up: pick your own minute of the special editions
  • Return of the Marvel comics: Star Wars #11
    • First non-movie Star Wars comic that Alex bought
  • Rogue One at Celebration: promo, and possibly a trailer
  • No! Don't mention the vaporators!
  • Alex is surprised there are no water Stormtroopers
  • Pete was just on Alien Minute
  • Listener question: any other comics that meant a lot to you as kids?


  • "I acquired a PlayStation 4 in a game of chance" - Pete
  • "My full name is Benjamin Buttons Kenobi" - Alex

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