Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 88

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Pete and Alex gear up for their trip to Los Angeles, respond to some listener questions and go behind the spoiler wall for some speculation on ROGUE-ONE!


10 Dec, 2016






  • No opening or closing themes
  • The boys are off to LA!
  • Dan Telfer is going to be at the Nerd Melt toys show
  • Alex is way behind on his Rebels reviews
  • Last week: Movies by Minutes All-Star Week
  • Next week: Steele Saunders of Steele Wars
  • Ring theory
  • Favourite Star Wars doors
  • Will Pete do Wizard of Oz minute?
  • Star Wars vs Star Trek vs Space 1999 vs Space Precinct vs Doctor Who
  • Star Trek Beyond and X-Men Apocalypse
  • Billy Joel again!
  • Rogue One speculation
    • Vader and Lightsabers
    • Space Jimmy Smits
    • Should everyone die at the end?
  • Kevin geeks out
  • Jedi mug catastrophe!
  • Listener question: Do you have Star Wars holiday decorations that get put up every year?
  • Listener question: Real, fake, or no Christmas tree?
  • Listener question: Cast M*A*S*H characters in original trilogy roles
  • Listener question: Will Rogue One be the first Star wars movie not to be a kids movie?
  • Listener question: Tyra Binks or Jar Jar Banks?


  • Alex: "Comfort swamp"
  • Pete: "Doesn't he just smell the force?"

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