Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 93

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Joe Dator takes us for a spin in his stolen landspeeder.


Jan 14, 2017




Joe Dator


  • Last week: Joseph Scrimshaw
  • Scrimshaw did his Palpatine
  • Next week: Ricky Carmona
  • Mail!
    • Package from Polly Bats
      • Lego mini figs
      • Darth squad commander
    • Package from Travis the Wookiee
      • Kamino sabre dart
      • Jawa costume for DTR
  • Ben Cooper, Ben Sherman, Don Cooper
  • Rogue one
    • Joe loved:
      • No crawl (would have loved it be even less Star warsy)
      • Great environments
      • The blind guy
    • Dr Evazan and Ponda Baba
    • The real life locations they filmed it: like a travel guide to real places
    • The Star Destroyer leaving Jedha
    • Pete thinks this film was made for him
    • How short is Krennic?
    • What was going to happen with the TIE fighter on the ledge from the trailer?
    • Joe has solved the Bor Gullet situation
  • James Bond Minute is coming!
  • Listener question: what would you like to see built in Disney's Star Wars land?
  • Listener question: do you like sand?


  • Joe: "Imperial military grade velcro"

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology

Which props would you get if money were no object?
  • The land-speeder from Star Wars
  • FX-7
  • Honourable mention: remote-control sand crawler
  • A {{{2}}}
  • Something from Aunt Beru's kitchen
  • Han Solo in carbonite
  • Wormie's hat
  • Moisture vaporator

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