Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 95

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Jan 28, 2017


We're back from the Fan2Sea Cruise, and we've got a Q&A to prove it!






  • They're back on dry land!
  • Pete has sea legs
  • They met David (of "David, David, David..." fame)
  • Also lots of MTG card artists
  • Watched Raiders! documentary , followed by the Raiders remake itself.
  • They did 5 episodes, a Q&A, and a pub quiz
  • Alex saw Rogue One again last night
  • The Q&A from the cruise
    • Where did the show come from?
    • Are you cool with other people doing other movies in the same way?
    • Does anybody ever do the listener projects?
    • Does it affect your enjoyment of Star wars?
    • Do you both rank the films the same?
    • A little Rogue One talk (with no spoilers)
    • Do you have a favourite stupid fact?
    • It's not a boat, it's a ship
  • Would you do another cruise?
  • Last week: Matt Belknap, from the Never Not Funny studios
  • Next week: Jacob Sirof
  • Email from Colin: his answer is Obi Wan (question is in the roll call)
  • Listener question: If Sheev was Nixon, who would be his Kissinger?
  • Nazi comet
  • Listener question: Top 5 Beatles albums, ranked
  • Listener question: Who's your favourite Star Wars creature?


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