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Settle in for a nearly three-hour SWM:WE as we talk to Myq Kaplan, open some mail and talk about the Wizard of Oz (oh, yeah, and Star Wars!)


February 18th, 2017




Myq Kaplan


  • Thanks to Madison Cross for last week! She was a welcome break after two polarizing weeks.
    • The bombshell that she dropped in her closing minutes and the bombshell of her father's identity.
  • Next week: returning favorite Meredith Woerner.


  • 2 Greedo-related shirts from Major M. designed by Tim McDonagh.
Shoot First Shoot Fast.jpg

  • Two-month backlog of emails.
  • From Steve: Have a guest on to talk about the new E.U. which is now canon.
  • Pete has begun to self-identify as a professional podcaster.
  • The Burbs Minute is wrapping up, to be followed by View Askew (Clerks). That Thing You Do Minute also starting.
  • Tom Hanks movies and other second-tier 80's movies that Alex hasn't seen yet.
  • Post your pictures of the shelf of a video store from the late 1980's–1992
  • Potential new podcast: all the movies that came out in a given year, say 1987. Other new podcast ideas.
  • Difficulties in bringing the MxM treatment to comedies.

Interview with Myq

  • He is performing in North Carolina currently.
  • Myq's new album "No Kidding" drops today!
    • About not wanting children.
  • Referenced: Teddy Ruxpin.
  • Different social media platforms and posting jokes vs. posting non-jokes.
  • Writing in your sleep.
  • Myq is a completionist.
    • Except for "Desperate Housewives".
    • Same for Pete with "Game of Thrones."
    • "Letting go" = Buddha mindset
    • Callout to former guest of the Show Josh Flanagan. He watched every episode of "Lost", except for the last.
  • We (the fans) would be disappointed if the hosts stopped before they covered the "good" Star Wars movies to come.
  • While Pete edits the show, he watches old 70's game shows with the sound off.
  • Myq saw (and enjoyed) Rogue One in Denver, CO. It was quote: "a fun exciting romp."
  • Rank the movies.
  • Myq's favorite toys were Jedi era: Gamorrean guard, Yoda, Jedi Luke.
    • It was the first that he saw (at a drive-in with his parents).
    • Referenced: Hating the Toy talk.

Other Notes

  • Shoutout to the wiki team!
    • We analyze, scrutinize, and "documentize" every episode of the STAR WARS MINUTE.
  • Controversy(?) over wording of a recent ad (US audience only).
  • Another Raucous Rebel Review posted.

During the Roll Call

  • Fantastic thread on the SWMLS: 3 lines of poetry followed by an image that would complete the verse:
  • Rocketeeer Minute begins April 24th, 2017.
  • Mogwai Minute is in the pipe.
  • James Earl Jones' accent as Vader, other accents.
  • Shoutout to former guest of the show Kevin Maher.
  • Question from Colin: Beatles solo albums as post-1983 Star Wars films
    • Paul's "McCartney II" is The Phantom Menace.
    • Revenge of the Sith is "Double Fantasy"
  • Question from Darth Patreonus: How did you picture the "Clone Wars" before AOTC came out?
    • Wars are often named for who was being fought against (e.g. "The French and Indian War), so why is it called the "Clone War"?
    • Shoutout to former guest of the show Songe Riddle: "Who cares what you want?"
    • The fact that Stormtroopers aren't clones but the design is reminiscent of them. Wait, is this still canon?
  • Dead celebrities: there are three levels 1) Shocking death 2) "I thought they were already dead" 3) "Who?" You don't want to be #3.
  • We learned that The Last Jedi is plural.
  • Lego news from Timmy Bricks: Rathtar escape set coming soon.
    • Pete would rather get a Guavian Death Gang set.
  • A guy that moved into Pete's old place sent him some of his mail. Mentioned: I care.
  • Pete just recorded some episodes with The Fifth Eleminute, airing this week! Also coming up soon, Pete and Alex on Indiana Jones Minute.
  • Good Star Wars character impressions that the Hosts and guests do.

Meta Notes

  • This is by far the longest episode of SWM:WE to date.
  • Current Pete (who is Past Pete from our perspective) left it to Future Pete to drop in the new mailbag theme, but Future Pete (who is now also Past Pete from our perspective) failed to do so, and instead there is just 30 seconds of silence.
  • According to (because it's not a real word), "transmodulate" means "To recreate something in another form; to render; to give new life to something."
  • "Heisenberg uncertainty" is the notion that you can't know an object's location at the same time as you know it's momentum, because the more certain you are about one, the more uncertain you will be about the other. Not to be confused with the Observer effect.
  • Very low "Star Wars:Other talk" ratio for this episode.
  • Shampoopoo Inc. is the "parent company" that Pete created for SWM. It doesn't have a logo yet, but when it does, the sound effect will be the "sploort!" from the Wondery Dove ads.
  • Not only is Ay Robot! still there, they're on twitter!
  • Upcoming SWM fantasy baseball. Post the team names on the SWMLS.
  • Shmi's name is never spoken aloud in The Phantom Menace.


  • Pete: Blast it, Big, where are you?
  • Myq: It's like a direct line from the batcave to the Kremlin.
  • Myq: Only cool people have the direct line to this... Star Wars internet thing. Alex: Star Wars internet thing!
  • Pete: (quoting his wife) "If you're gonna transmodulate, you have to transmodulate in your youth."
  • Myq: Internet...go!
  • Alex: "The Wizard of 'HAs'"
  • Pete: (à la Ric Olié) The entire show is one big Roll Call.

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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