Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition 99

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Pete and Alex talk about alien invasions and slash fiction


February 25th, 2017






  • Follow Alex @ARobTwit. NOT @ComicBookAlex.
  • Pete has set up a new recording studio in his basement.
    • It may evolve into a "man cave".
  • Shoutout to former guest of the show Stuart Wellington.
  • Thanks to Meredith Woerner for this past week!
  • Next week we have new guest Hal Lublin.
    • Hal does a podcast called "Tights and Fights", so Pete and Hal had a good wrestling chat.
    • George "The Animal" Steele passed away.
  • Pete and Alex will be going to Celebration (either as guests or performers, it's not yet clear).
    • 40th anniversary of Star Wars, 20th anniversary of the Special Editions.
    • Rumor that the original Theatrical Releases will be available.
  • "Spontaneology": What three things would you ADD to the Special Edition of Star Wars?
  1. More "Wormie"
  2. Throw the "What is She Proposing" guy into the General Dodonna briefing.
  3. Show the scene of Chief Bast escaping the Death Star.
  1. Have Owen and Beru explain why they look so old.
  2. Add in more ethnic and species diversity into the Rebellion.
  • The fate of Jar Jar Binks: It was revealed in the new Aftermath novel, but the hosts haven't read it and speculate instead.
  • Commissioned officers in Star Wars.
  • Rogue One on home video will not include the cut scenes.
  • Time jumps for future trilogies (episode X-XII)?
  • Harry Turtledove and alternate histories.
  • Alex wants an invasion of crazy aliens Star Wars movie.
    • Reference to the Expanded Universe Yuzhang Vong plot.
  • Han Solo standalone movie cast photos.
    • Pete is optimistic, but wants more BoShek.
  • What changes would you make to the Prequels?
  1. Make it not Chewbacca in Revenge of the Sith, but some other Wookiee.
  2. Add a scene where the Jedi cast doubt on the Midi-Chlorian theory.
  3. Digitally restore Yarael Poof.
  • Pete's namesake Peet Deretalia and Jessika Pava (x-wing pilot in TFA, Blue 3) were featured in someone's femslash fiction.
  • Shoutout to listener K. Jelly, who posted the centerfold of Jack Thompson (Cliegg Lars).

During the Roll Call

  • Alex's Blu-ray player broke during the move.
  • Alex's top 3 Vonnegut novels, and Pete's top 3 Sci-fi novels.
  • The use of the Force and the way it works in Rogue One.
  • Alex and Pete's favorite moments from the Prequels are both from Revenge of the Sith.
  • Rank the bounty hunters.


  • Alex: (as Uncle Owen) You know Luke... I'm only 45 years old. This sun is murder on your skin. Take care of yourself; wear that floppy hat of yours... Pete: A wise man once said "This sun is murder on mesa skin."
  • Pete: As a wise toddler once sang to me "let it go."
  • Alex: Bor Gullet is my copilot.
  • Pete: I want to see Blob Jedi.
  • Alex, then Pete: Bring the Porkins.
  • Alex: Shove it into Jamie Farr

Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology


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