Star Wars Minute 101: Where the Biggs Scene Would Go

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Ackbar! Sweet ride you've got there.


October 21, 2013


Luke, Leia, and Dodonna meet under a huge space fighter.


Tony Thaxton



  • Another shot of R2-D2's girlfriend (from minute 98)
  • Vacuum hat to suck up droids and install them into fighters
  • Return of mopey Luke
  • Another kiss
  • Leia is still in stinky garbage clothes.


  • Is there a supply room full of R2 units? or is it B.Y.O.R2?
  • How does R2 get into the X-wing without the vacuum hat?
  • Referenced: The Simpsons (raise your left? hand)
  • Discussion of the cut Biggs scene
    • Pete is distracted here whether the scene is there or not
    • It's strange to restore just this scene, and not the one from earlier in the film
  • Having Red Leader say he knew Anakin Skywalker is problematic given what we learned from the Prequels.
  • Luke loses a lot of loved ones in this movie, though not nearly as many, one would assume, as Leia does.
  • Luke has figured out that Leia will give him hugs and kisses if he plays sad and mopey.
  • Pete's love of Y-wings
    • He tells the story of having a Rebel Alliance ID card with the "Y-wing pilot" box checked.
    • Y-wing toy talk

Meta Minute

  • 16:43 podcast episode length.
  • First mention of the first ever live show
    • Pete mentions that it will not be called Star Wars Minute Live. Good thing he didn't spoil the surprise of what it was actually called.


  • Pete: (As Red Leader) "I knew your father, who was not Darth Vader."
  • Alex: Terrible what Darth Vader did to your father. Pete: I watched the whole thing; he shot him in the face.
  • Alex: (As Leia) "Yeah, Han's not coming? Aw. Did I mention my planet got blown up today and everyone I loved was killed?" Pete: "'Cause that's sad too."
  • Alex: Should I talk about Y-wings in this minute? Or should we save them for a later minute? Pete: We should be talking about Y-wings in every minute as far as I'm concerned.
  • Pete: Gold Squadron? These are my people.


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