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October 23, 2013


The group of X-wing fighters move in formation toward the Death Star, unfolding the wings and locking them in the “X” position.


Tony Thaxton



  • Start of the final battle
  • Another message from Ghost Ben. It is neither welcome, nor a surprise to Luke.
  • Lo-fi rebel command center
  • All wings report in
    • Shot of Artoo, also standing by


  • Callback to the "Ben is Darth Vader's Tyler Durden" theory from episodes 75 and 99. Referenced: Fight Club
  • The bucket might not actually be a recon tower, but some kind of medieval torture. How do you get into it? does it lower or is there some kind of vacuum hat like for droids?
  • Referenced Krazy Glue
  • The Death Star countdown is roughly accurate: the movie ends in 19 minutes
  • Porkins discussed at length
    • Alex talks about his proto-SWM riffsNote 1. He still can't pronounce Dr. Evazan's name.
    • Porkins named after actor William Hootkins?
    • Hootkins also played Maj. Eaton (seriously) in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Spoilers: Porkins is going to explode later.
  • Mentioned: Howard the Duck
  • What pilot helmet would you want?

Meta Minute

  • 15:34 podcast episode length.
  • The bucket was a modified 50 Gallon trash can. The role of the "Massassi Base Rebel Scout (uncredited)" was given to Lorne Peterson because of the danger posed by the high recon tower and the fact that, of the three crewmembers present, he was the only one that did not have children[1].
  • Pete calls for a countdown on the show to follow the Death Star countdown, but they forget to do this in later episodes.
  • Although a 'foil' (short for airfoil) is the real word for something that generates lift[2], S-foils (the 'S' can stand for 'stability' or 'strike'[3]) are not real. However, there are real-world fighter planes with variable geometry wings like the F-14 Tomcat that somewhat resemble the S-foils of an X-wing[4].
Three F-111 Aardvarks with different wing geometries


  • Alex: All wings report in - this is the Star Wars Minute.
  • Alex: (As Luke, regarding Ben chiming in) "That's... that's still happening, huh?" Pete: (also as Luke) "I thought I fixed that."
  • Alex: Alright Hobbie, you're now a technician. Jones, get up in the bucket.



Other Notes

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