Star Wars Minute 108: The Cadillac of Snubfighters

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On the left, the original poster by Tom Jung. On the right, a re-imagining by Tim and Greg Hildebrandt.


October 30th, 2013


Three Imperial TIE ships, Darth Vader in the center flanked by two wingmen, dive in precise formation almost vertically toward the Death Star surface.


Joe Dator



  • Hutch estimates that there are about 20 guns (divided between the surface and the towers)
  • Third appearance of Harry Shearer's voice (Tiree)
  • Scenes in the Rebel command center were spliced into the Death Star assault as an afterthought.
  • Low-quality audio communication is uniquely Star Wars
  • First short of Darth Vader's special TIE fighter
  • Hutch's nerdy delivery of "Switch to targetting computer"


  • Lasers: how do they work? If you shot one off into space would it just keep going?
  • It seems a bit silly to have rotating guns in the bottom of a trench. Wouldn't they hit the trench sides all the time? If they're shielded, then lasers should be bouncing around like in the garbage masher.
  • What are the Rebel ground support staff doing? Is it important, and if not, why don't they evacuate (in case the assault fails)?
  • Threepio is the "Forrest Gump" of Star Wars in that he always happens to stand near important historical events.
  • Ben Burtt is the hero of Star Wars. Well him and Wedge.
  • Hutch's helmet is Pete's favorite (see minute 103)
  • Referenced: 70's van art, Hildebrandt poster, Ben Cooper costumes.
  • Mentioned: Ralph McQuarrie, "Sorry Pete"
  • When Vader talks to the TIE fighter pilots, it seems like they're in the same room.
  • Vader relies on his computer to aid in targeting.
  • Leia breaking up with Hutch
  • Joe's personal connection to Tiree's line "The guns. They've stopped!"

Meta Minute

  • 21:54 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: It's our daily podcast where we analyze each and every single minute of Star Wars, one by one in order, for you, the listener.
  • Pete: Skype is our bread and butter - don't knock it.
  • Alex: Those X-wing guys are pretty "Wedged" in there.
  • Joe: (Comparing Y-wings to first-class air travel) "They have a pillow, they have a blanket - there's probably a stewardess."
  • Alex: "Spiked studs."
  • Pete: Delicious hutch pops


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