Star Wars Minute 116: A Kind of Garbled Hey

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November 11th, 2013


Luke climbs out of his starship fighter and is cheered by a throng of ground crew and pilots. Luke climbs down the ladder as they all welcome him with laughter, cheers, and shouting.


Mike Norton



  • Starts with Luke getting out of his X-wing as the conquering hero and ends with the beginning of the medal awarding ceremony - Han and Luke walk in to the room and approach Leia.


  • Finale, all-star week.
  • There is a little injustice in a later minute - where is Wedge's medal? Chewbacca is also famously snubbed in a later minute.
  • There are a lot of the guys in brown shirts with the same haircut standing around in the hangar scene.
  • Pilots are also standing around - Wedge and the Y-wing guy from Brown Squadron, just back-up guys or the missing Y-wing gunners? Either way, they can still say they won.
  • How did they select the medal recipients? Wedge and Chewbacca should have got one each.
  • No-one acknowledges Chewbacca at any point during the hangar scene. He's probably used to it - being a slave and all.
  • Everyone plays to character in the hangar scene - Han is the cool guy and talks about a reward; Chewbacca is the put-upon servant; C-3PO is fretting and worrying; R2-D2 is valiant and doing his job; Luke is the awkward guy that trips over his words.
  • Luke wears his bad-ass jacket during the medal scene. Han wears his 'fold-over shirt' that becomes his costume for the next two movies. Is that Corellian garb? Lando wears it at the end of ESB as well. Like all Greedos / Rodians wear the ribbed jumpsuit. Or Lando just took it from Han's wardrobe on the Falcon.
  • Luke's jacket is like Walrus Man's jacket in the cantina. It must be the hot fashion item in the Star Wars universe at the time. Or Mark Hamill just walked off the Star Wars set and straight into Corvette Summer.
  • Luke also wears this jacket in the animated part of The Holiday Special (and flying a Y-wing).
  • In the hangar scene, the charred corpse of R2-D2 is removed from the X-wing. C-3PO is genuinely worried but Luke just brushes it off and <literally> skips away. A rare case of Luke behaving towards the droids like every other human does - they're just a tool. Alex is surprised that they even got R2 down so quickly. Mike imagines a cut-scene during the medal ceremony where they go back to R2-D2 still sitting in the X-wing smoking, and C-3PO awkwardly trying to help him as they turn the lights off in the hangar.
  • C-3PO offers to donate his circuits and gears. Gears - is C-3PO a clockwork robot? Also, does C-3PO actually have the right to offer his own parts to R2-D2? Luke owns C-3PO and so it's up to him.
  • C-3PO's offer is a probably a false one as he knows that none of his parts are compatible with an astro-mech droid. The hosts imagine R2-D2 with C-3PO's limbs attached, and C-3PO as just a pile of parts in the corner.
  • The layout of the medal scene is a homage to a World War movie.
  • The audience in the medal scene is made up of real characters at the front and then cardboard cut-outs or a matte painting for the rest. This was 'fixed' in the special edition.
  • The wall behind Leia has slots in it and you can see straight through to the outside. All part of being in the Massassay Temple.
  • The 'man in the bucket' on Yavin 4 is nowhere to be seen in this minute as the spaceships return. Either he's the cameraman for the scene or one of the spaceships flew too low and accidentally took him out. If the latter, he probably fell to the ground, got up and shook his fist at the passing spaceship.

Meta Minute

  • 18:01 podcast episode length.
  • Supposed Star Wars blooper in this minute - Mark Hamill jumps out of the X-wing and supposedly says "Carrie", when he actually just says a garbled hey. The actors all look like they've stopped acting at this point and are just celebrating the end of shooting the movie.
 Mike shares his memories / thoughts on Star Wars:
  It is the single biggest influence on him as a person and it absorbed his childhood.
  It made me do what he does for a living (cartoonist).
  Mike used draw scenes from the movie on the handwriting practice tablets at school.
  He saw it with his grandparents in downtown Jackson Tennessee, and he hasn't been the same since.
  His favorite characters to draw are:
   R2 (easy - just a cylinder with legs).
   Anything shooting lasers.
  Mike liked Han Solo but couldn't draw him to look real.
  Han Solo was his favorite character overall.
 The hosts 'talk shop' about drawing Star Wars:
  R2-D2's shape is easy but his patterns / panels are complicated to get right.
  R2 is definitely easy to draw as a kid when you are not worried about accuracy.
  C-3PO's midriff was too difficult for Mike as a kid.
  Stormtroopers were cool to draw.
  Darth Vader is really difficult to draw, especially his mask. One wrong angle and he looks totally off.
  TIE fighters are easy; they're just a H with a circle in the middle.
  At least Stormtroopers and Darth Vader are easy to color.
  • Thanks to, and from, Mike for the special all-star episode.


  • Alex: Is one of them Luke...not is one of them Luke. Is one of them Wedge...


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