Star Wars Minute 120: Go Get It, Luke

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November 15th, 2013


Part two of the End Credits


Jeff Ayers



  • Starts with credit for set dresser Roger Christian and ends with credits for special mechanical equipment guys.
  • Ron Beck, not Rod Beck
  • Still photographer John Jay
  • Phil Tippett - stop-motion animation
  • Rick Baker, creature maker


  • Pete snubs the special mechanical equipment guys.
  • Ralph McQuarrie is credited as "Planet and satellite artist" which is cool.
  • Referenced: Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker putting Easter Eggs in the credits.
  • Do you stick around for the credits when seeing a movie in the theater?
  • It's amazing how few people it took to make this.
  • Mentioned: Spaceballs, Airplane
  • Shoutout to: Dennis Murren
  • Discussion of potential future "Movies by Minutes"

Meta Minute


  • Jeff: I didn't see many Sputniks in the movie.
  • Alex: (sarcastically) Who are they to make money off of other people's ideas?


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