Star Wars Minute 121: Viewer Mail

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November 18th, 2013


The conclusion of the Closing Credits





  • Credits for the actors.
  • Richard LaParmentier is credited as 'General Motti'.
  • Chief Bast is' Imperial Commander #1'. There are no other 'Imperial Commanders' credited.
  • Darth Vader credited as 'Lord Darth' Vader.


  • The penultimate minute of Star Wars!
  • Pol Treidum!
    • Played by Peter Sumner, who also operated the Dianoga.
    • Sumner was they only original cast member to reprise their role for a fan film.
  • Correction: 24-hr mark was actually passed at episode 94. 94.
  • Mentioned: Long time
  • 'Darth' vs. 'Lord' as titles.
"Viewer" "Mail"
  • Q: 8-DAY-GREEDO call from David. Will you cover the Star Wars Holiday Special?
A: A Very Special Star Wars Minute Star Wars Holiday Special Special Live.
  • Q: From John, will you do Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi?
A: Yes, ESB minute will first air on January 15th.
  • Q: Call from Matt from Charlotte, NC. What is the music used on the show?
A: "Living in These Star Wars" by The Rebel Force Band.
  • Q: Brian asks about the 'Machete Order'.
A: Pete is not a huge fan because it skips Phantom Menace and jumps from Empire to Attack or the Clones, which he feels is even worse than the Holiday Special.
Alex is intrigued as it parallels Godfather II. It might be interesting to intercut the Prequels with the Original Trilogy.
  • Q: From Dan, what part of the special editions do you like (or not hate)?
A: The Falcon taking off from Docking Bay 94, maybe some stuff with the X-wings. Further discussion of the Special Editions.
  • Q: Another call. What about Harmy's Despecialized Editions.
A: What about Super-Specialized Editions?
  • Q: From Bertram, why have you not referenced the "Family Guy" Star Wars Specials?
A: Didn't stick in the memory, don't want to color their analysis of the movies.

Meta Minute

  • 31:43 podcast episode length.
    • This is the longest episode of the season, and the first ever episode to pass the 30-minute mark.
  • A great number of Patreon supporters are named "David".
  • Alex still can't pronounce Dr. Evazan's name!


  • Alex: Do they refer to him as Lord Maul? Or Christopher Lee as Lord Lee? He is 'Lordly'.


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