Star Wars Minute 12: Over Here!

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June 18th, 2013.


Minute 12 of Star Wars: C-3PO hitches a ride, and R2-D2 takes a stroll through a scary valley.


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with C-3PO going off on his own in the desert and possibly hitching a ride and ends with R2-D2 all alone down by the river driving through a little canyon in the shade on Tatooine.


  • Arguing droids and robot nipples.
  • C-3PO's "he'll do no better" is quite sinister. C-3PO is still having a hard time physically in this minute.
  • Does C-3PO assume that he'll never see R2-D2 again? It seems a bit rash to leave R2-D2; however R2 handles C-3PO's hissy-fit well and stays on mission.
  • Do the Jawas happen to stumble across the droids or are they able to detect them? If the latter, why couldn't the Imperials detect them in the escape pod in an earlier minute.
  • Perhaps the reflection / flash of light that C-3PO sees is a Jawa in the crow's nest with a spy glass looking for droids on the horizon.
  • Or the Jawas detected the escape pod landing on their radar and were heading towards it when they came across the droids. The Jawas lucked out because jettisoning droids from a spaceship is unheard of.
  • Alex as a kid thought that Jawas were like panthers or desert felines, and thought that the droids were on Earth in this sequence (because everything happens on Earth).
  • The desert terrain on Tatooine that C-3PO is in is a hot, blinding, uncomfortable, cicada-ridden, dead dinosaur laden place - and then we cut to the cold, unforgiving terrain that R2-D2 finds himself in. R2-D2's canyon reminds Chris of the Grand Canyon area that Bobby and Cindy Brady get lost in.
  • Referenced: The Grand Canyon; Bobby and Cindy Brady from The Brady Bunch.
  • Lucky that R2-D2 found a nice path to roll along; perhaps an old river bed.
  • Tatooine filming locations - Tunisia, California; London. (Note - the hosts say that the principal filming for this sequence was done in Tunisia, however this proves not to be entirely correct and they clarify the statement in a later podcast episode.)
  • Chris points out that there is some great 'off-camera' work done by the crew in this minute (i.e. kicking or throwing the rock that rolls down near R2-D2 etc).
  • Which actor had it best and worst filming in Tunisia? Kenny Baker had it best sitting in and working R2-D2, in air-conditioned comfort. Anthony Daniels had it worst - hot, the suit pinched him, it was tough to move. Anthony Daniels really suffered for his art.
  • Referenced: The Flintstones.
  • Calling out "Help! Over here!" in public isn't the brightest way to get your friend's attention - but you can make it better by having a giant dinosaur skeleton on the ground behind you. This is a very quotable line / delivery from C-3PO.

Meta Minute


  • Chris: This is a minute filled with just droid, robot loneliness. And it's a minute that makes you think about fighting with your friends and how awful it can be.
  • Pete: (Note - a fun imagined directing sequence.) "Ok, rolling, and poke your head." ...they probably did that four or five times. "Ok, aaand... poke your head." Chris: "We can see your t-shirt, do it again."


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