Star Wars Minute 13: Little Wizards

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June 19th, 2013.


Minute 13 of Star Wars: The Jawas make a new acquisition.


Chris Radtke



  • The Jawas capture R2-D2 - they shoot him and pick him up.
  • First aliens depicted in Star Wars.


  • Kids love the Jawas. Chris provides a detailed description of Jawas and kids reactions to them and this scene - Jawas are adorable little wizards who will shoot you with lightning and steal your friends.
  • Given that everyone has been shot in the movie to this point, who is our hero? C-3PO?
  • Did Kenny Baker hit his head / face when R2-D2 fell over? People constantly shaking R2-D2 with Kenny inside on the set.
  • The Jawas have absolutely no interest in the Rebellion, the Empire, the Star Wars, whatever. They're focussed entirely on their own thing.
  • How are Jawas able to survive on discarded droids in the desert? What is their life and ecology like? Maybe people in Tatooine throw all their garbage into the desert. Also, how did they afford the Sandcrawler? (See below for possible answer.)
  • Pete the Jawa Retailer - taking care of business.
  • More Jawa talk in the next podcast episode.

Meta Minute

  • 10:43 podcast episode length.
  • In regards to the Sandcrawlers, EU says that Tatooine was originally a mining planet and the Sandcrawlers were built and utilised by the mining companies for various purposes. Once the mining stopped the Sandcrawlers were left behind and the Jawas then started using them as 'rolling cities'.
  • The hosts discuss how the film eases audiences into aliens - starting with the cute weirdness of Jawas, building to the outlandish nightmares that are the Tusken Raiders and then finally with the full-on impact of the Cantina crowd.


  • Chris: I'm Chris Radtke and I'm from "OVER HERE! Please HELP!".
  • Chris They are dirty, desert, junky wizards. Pete: You talking about Star Wars [Expanded Universe] writers or Jawas?


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