Star Wars Minute 14: A Long Vest

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June 20th, 2013.


Minute 14 of Star Wars: R2-D2 is carried back to the Jawa sandcrawler.


Chris Radtke



  • This minute is composed of Jawas:
    • Carrying R2-D2.
    • Delivering him to the Sandcrawler.
    • Sucking him up into the vehicle
  • This minute also shows life on the Sandcrawler.


  • The concept of droid restraining bolts are introduced without any explanation. The audience really needs to use their imagination to work out what is going on here, and what's going to happen to R2-D2.
  • All the Jawas react to the welding sparks. Chris says that he'd react to these and the giant vacuum-cleaner as well!
  • It's obviously time for the Jawas to knock off after they collect R2-D2—they are called in for dinner.
  • Jawa dialogue is a very subtle language. Also, Jawas are disgusting creatures that the hosts cannot abide.

Meta Minute

  • Jawas vs. Ewoks in terms of awesomeness. Who would win in a battle?
  • Star Wars pop-up book and the Sandcrawler vacuum page.
  • Sandcrawler, Droid Factory and Hoth playsets. Different uses for Star Wars toys.
  • Kenner Jawa action figures with vinyl and cloth capes.


  • Pete: (In regards to collecting specific Star Wars toys) I have one now, of course!.
  • Pete: All droids all the time.


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